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Episode 1
Slumber Party

Episode 2
Too Sick To Notice

Episode 3
Battle of the Bands

Episode 4
And The Winner Is...

Episode 5
Stand By Me

Episode 6
The Tea Party

Episode 7
The Masquerade

Episode 8
Out of Luck

Episode 9
The Play's The Thing

Episode 10
Shop Talk

Episode 11
The Impractical Joker

Episode 12
The Great Lemonade Stand Wars

Episode 13
Blue Ribbon Blues

Episode 14
Roll Around the Clock

Episode 15
Princess Problems

Episode 16
An Apple for Starlight

Episode 17
Up, Up, And Away

Episode 18
Sister of the Bride

Episode 19
Birds of a Feather

Episode 20
Send in the Clown

Episode 21
Happy Birthday, Sweetheart

Episode 22

Episode 23
Bon Bon's Diary

Episode 24
Just For Kicks

Episode 25
Ponies in Paradise

Episode 26
Who's Responsible?

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